Our Process is detailed below


 1. Sign legal documents

• Confidentiality Undertaking to protect sensitive client information.
• Service Agreement to outline agreed procedures and costs.

2. Initial data gathering

• Provide adviser specific details relating to sign-offs, qualifications, company logos, disclosures, conflicts of interest, etc

• Provide dealer group specific details relating to risk profile definitions, asset allocation benchmarks, assumptions for investment returns, etc

• A point of contact for the office (and each adviser if relevant) is provided.

• Initiate contact with by including a Paraplanning Request Form (standard form available if required), fact find/confidential client questionnaire, additional strategy notes, relevant file notes, insurance quotes, any replacement of product information not easily accessible in a provided or available PDS, etc

3. Review of request

• NPS will review your request and provide you with feedback within 72 hours.

• Additional required information, and/or clarification, will be sought at this time.

• Cost and estimated completion date can also be discussed/confirmed.

• Any phone communications are confirmed via email to ensure any additional instructions are accurately received.

4. Advice construction

• NPS will begin constructing your advice document and will at this stage provide any feedback relating to potential alternative strategies or strategy enhancements which may become apparent.

5. Internal review

• The completed draft will be reviewed internally with a focus on compliance, attention to detail, spelling, punctuation, and formatting.

6. Return within advised timeframe

• Your completed draft will be returned within the advised timeframe to be reviewed.

• You are encouraged to provide feedback at this stage.

• You have the opportunity to discuss any potential questions you may have with the advice document, as well as request amendments.

7. Finalisation of process

• You sign-off on the completed advice document, print, bind and present to your client.

• An invoice is issued monthly in arrears, with payment due on terms of 7 days.