National Paraplanning Services


Why we are here?

National Paraplanning Services (“NPS”) was established in 2007 as a response to feedback within the RetireInvest Dealer Group regarding the lack of quality outsourcing Paraplanning services available. NPS offers a quality service at a competitive cost. We aim to provide compliant advice documents which can be used as effective sales tools. We achieve this by highlighting areas of advice which add value to the client’s situation. We value feedback and work closely with the Adviser/Office in the early part of the relationship to develop a personalised document which reflects the style and professionalism of the Adviser/Office.

What defines the Paraplanning service provided by NPS?

• Advisor-friendly processes. Simple processes and a common sense approach to anomalies which arise in the construction of advice documents provide a focus on Adviser efficiency.

• The production of advice documents which aim to meet compliance regulations without exception.

• Attention to detail and expert technical knowledge.

• The ability to meet agreed turnaround times without compromising new request capacity.

• The flexibility to have advice documents completed in shorter time frames as required.